No-Cost Concierge
COVID-19 Testing

For businesses, K-12 schools, universities, event sites, medical offices, hospitality groups, and more!

  • On-site rapid antigen testing with results in less than 20 minutes
  • On-site RT-PCR sample collection with results within 24 hours*
  • Seamless online registration and results reported via text message and email
  • No cost to the patient or to you*

Mass Testing for COVID-19 Has Never Been Easier.

Here’s how the process works.

Step 1: Register

Registering with Pala Diagnostics for customized on-site COVID-19 testing is fast and easy. Simply scan the QR code or visit your unique registration link to get started. A valid Photo-ID is required to test. Upload your documents and information ahead of time to make the testing day even easier.

Step 2: Test​

Our technician comes on-site to collect patient samples via a quick lower nasal swab. RT-PCR testing samples are brought back to our CLIA-certified lab in Orange County for further testing. Antigen testing can be performed on-site.

Step 3: View Results

Within 24 hours of the samples arriving at the lab, results are delivered to the patient via HIPAA-compliant email and/or text message. Antigen test results are sent within minutes of testing.

Enhance Safety With Two Convenient COVID-19 Testing Options

Diagnostic tests are used to determine if a person has an active COVID-19 infection. Pala Diagnostics offers two types of diagnostic tests: RT-PCR and Rapid antigen test. 

Standard RT-PCR Test

Known as the “gold standard” of COVID-19 tests, PCR tests are the most accurate test for detecting COVID-19. Samples are returned to our CLIA-certified lab, and the results are delivered within 24 hours.

Rapid Antigen Test

The Covid-19 rapid antigen test is the fastest way to determine if someone is currently infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Results are available on-site and ready in as little as 20 minutes.

Enjoy Concierge Service

We can help you manage the entire process, from pre-registration through results reporting. Our proprietary digital platform can store patients, report results, and provide your staff with a streamlined process to maximize efficient testing.

Design Your Own Testing Protocol

We recognize that every client has its own unique testing needs. You can customize your testing program by selecting your testing type and frequency. This flexibility allows your organization or institution to safely test individuals at regular intervals or on-demand based on symptoms, exposure, and other risk factors.

Strengthen Your COVID-19 Response Strategy

As COVID-19 continues to be a threat, testing remains an essential part of an organization’s COVID-19 mitigation strategy. By offering no-cost COVID-19 testing solutions with a quick turnaround time, Pala Diagnostics can plan an essential role in helping everyone safely resume their everyday activities.

Testing for Travel

The COVID-19 travel requirements are constantly changing, so it can be difficult to know which test to take. Pala Diagnostics offers both a PCR test and rapid antigen test, which ensures we have an option to meet nearly every destination’s requirements. We advise you to review your airline and destination’s testing requirements to determine which test you need.

Vivera +
Focal Point Laboratories
Testing Program

No cost RT-PCR testing with results available in less than 48 hours. We work with nearly
all insurance providers for efficient access to gold-standard RT-PCR testing.

Concierge On-Site Testing (Ideal for schools, businesses, event sites, travel, and more)

  • Our fully-trained staff of laboratorians comes to your site to collect samples, handles all paperwork, and returns samples to the lab for processing
  • Results are available within 24-48 hours via secure e-mail for patients and on-site management
  • Telehealth doctors are available during the sample collection process 
  • Free of charge to both you and your customers and staff

Site Self-Testing (Available only for medical facilities with a physician on-site)

  • Your medical staff collects patient samples and sends them back to the lab for processing
  • Laboratory requisitions are generated via an easy-to-use secure portal
  • Results are available for the medical staff within 24-48 hours of receipt by the lab
  • Supplies, including return packaging, are available free of charge to the facility 
  • Concierge on-site testing available for medical facilities without a physician on-site

Ready to Set Up a Testing Program?

Contact us today to speak with our experienced personnel and design a testing protocol that suits your exact needs.

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